About Us

Tow By Joe is an honest and reputable vehicle towing and removal company offering cash for used, recyclable, and junk cars in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area, with a specialty in part-recycling and automobile resales.

We always pay
what we say

Tow By Joe provides upfront, competitive financial offers to individuals from all walks of life who have varying motivations for selling their vehicles; from needing quick cash, to environmental consciousness.

We stand out from the pack by taking the time to understand each individual customer’s situation and working to ensure we do right by them. That means giving our customers the best possible quotes, paying what we say, and always operating with transparency, professionalism, and integrity.

Paying up

We always put our customers first

At Tow By Joe, we treat our customers with respect and dignity. We’re Pittsburghers at heart, and at the heart of our city is a foundation of values we believe in: hard work and taking care of family. We provide our customers with the confidence they need to take care of what is most important in their lives, without worrying about whether they’ll be taken care of in return.